As the festive season approaches, it’s the perfect time to elevate your MedSpa brand with some of our favorite branded items for your medspa! At The MedSpa Society, we’ve spent years searching for the best products to elevate our client’s brands and now we’re giving this specially curated list to you. From stylish uniforms to custom decor, here’s our list of must-haves to elevate your medspa experience and bring surprise and delight to your clients:

1. Medelita MedSpa Uniforms

Nothing says professionalism like high-end, stylish uniforms. Medelita offers a range of fitted tops, joggers, and tailored medical coats that combine fashion with function. Perfect for making a great first impression! Check them out here.

2. Custom Etched Glass Coffee Mugs

Add a personal touch to your client’s coffee or tea experience with these beautiful, hand-made custom etched glass coffee mugs. Offering your clients a warm beverage of choice with high-quality coffee or tea in a branded mug adds a memorable touch to their experience. These mugs feature your logo with an elegant custom etched design, they’re not just mugs; they’re a statement. Find them on Etsy here.

3. Branded Table Cloth

Dress your event set-up n style with these durable spandex material branded table cloths, perfect for 4-foot tables, which is the perfect size for pop-up events. We always recommend these to our clients and they are never disappointed. They’re an easy and effective way to reinforce your brand in every detail. Available at Table Covers Now.


4. Custom Built Reception Desk

First impressions count, and what better way to wow your clients than with a custom-built reception desk? Designed specifically for MedSpas, these desks from ABC Manufacture on Etsy are a blend of elegance and functionality. They offer ready-to-ship and made-to-order options depending on your needs and timeframe.


5. Custom QR Code Display

In today’s digital age, make it easy for clients to leave reviews and follow you on social media with a custom QR code display. These innovative displays from ByVictoriaMaxwell on Etsy are a must-have for any modern MedSpa.

Reviews Display

6. High-End Embroidered Robes and Towels

Elevate your client’s comfort with luxurious, high-end embroidered robes and towels from Boca Terry. These plush items are sure to make your clients feel pampered and special. This supplier is the one that many high-end hotels use so the products are amazing and high-quality that last through many washes.

7. Custom Branded All-Weather Door Mat

Welcome your clients right from the doorstep with a custom branded all-weather indoor/outdoor mat from Ultimate Mats. Durable and stylish, these mats are perfect for any MedSpa entrance.


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